So, I was half-watching Dan Abrams's Verdict! last night and he did a bit about this case.

FORT WORTH, Texas - The Texas Supreme Court on Friday threw out a jury award over injuries a 17-year-old girl suffered in an exorcism conducted by members of her old church, ruling that the case unconstitutionally entangled the court in religious matters.

First off....oh, gee,'s Texas, home of Joe Horn. Go figure.

Anyway. Here's the deal:

Laura Schubert testified in 2002 that she was cut and bruised and later experienced hallucinations after the church members' actions in 1996, when she was 17. Schubert said she was pinned to the floor for hours and received carpet burns during the exorcism, the Austin American-Statesman reported. She also said the incident led her to mutilate herself and attempt suicide. She eventually sought psychiatric help.


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Comment by Hessenroots on July 30, 2008 at 8:41am
So it's now OK to abuse and/or assault someone, as long as it's done as part of a religious ritual? WELL DONE TEXAS! Remind me not to do ANYTHING wrong next time I'm in Texas unless I have a 'Fundamentalists Express' card in my wallet.

Blind, stupid hypocrisy at its finest worst.

Next up:
"well, yeah...they burned that girl under the guise she was a witch but who are we to question their beliefs? Maybe she was a witch, she was a redhead..."



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