Assailed by boredom I, perhaps incautiously, decided to have a look at some creationist websites to have a laugh. I do it from time to time, to catch up with the new silly arguments they manage to come up with - if they even do. This is a little something I found on and I thought I'd share with the world. Also, it was obviously placed in a page titled "Evolution" .

And it was accompanied by such words of wisdom as "A 'Little Bang' happening all by itself inside an empty box would be unscientific. Something from nothing for no reason is unscientific. Creationists, therefore, standing on the side of science contend that there must of necessity be a Creator.Since the "Little Bang" hasn't happened in any attic boxes to date - then please don't put your faith in the "Big Bang" belief system - which first and foremost denies God's power and authority over humanity. That is its purpose and it is an unscientific theory."

Sometimes I feel that totalitarian part of me growing and stirring in its conviction that some people should not be allowed to have an internet connection...

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Comment by Pengiko on July 31, 2008 at 4:26pm
okay, the box analogy is funny. I went to the site, and I didn't find it that funny. It freaked me out!
Comment by Jared Smith on July 31, 2008 at 3:30pm
Thats pretty bad. Those creationist sites freak me out. Check out Dr. Dino's website. It (used) to be run by Kent Hovind, until he was incarcerated last year. This guy is nuts.



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