I've been living in the Hampton Roads Area for a while, but it has been a bit of a disappointment that some of the other atheists I meet only want to talk about religion. I had hoped to meed people with broad interests who could get to know each other without the question of "where's your church home?" coming up. I have a vast range of interests, including sailing, foreign language (French, Spanish, German, some Arabic and Portuguese), history, music of all types, and on and on. I DON'T want to talk about religion; it's been done to death. I can understand if someone is still sorting out their thoughts on the matter, but once it's settled, it seems to me that there is a whole universe of other, more interesting topics. I would like to meet some atheist friends who have other interests besides their atheism.

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Comment by George Evans on August 1, 2008 at 3:50pm
Thanks for commenting, Cody. I'm looking forward to meeting a new set of atheist friends here in the area.



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