Like most decent and reasonable people, I’m repulsed and frightened by what are known as “fundies”. That is, religious fundamentalists of any sort, usually hardcore Christians. They frequently spew hatred toward women and homosexuals, call for making the United States a theocracy, go on long religious and conspiracy-theory rants, deny evolution despite all the overwhelming evidence, and show a general disdain for reality. But the thing I hate most about them is their complete and utter lack of empathy and compassion for other human beings.

I’ve seen them compare consensual sex that they disapprove of to rape and child molestation, try to justify rape and punish the victims, say that they would deny medical treatment to GLBT people, and advocate forced pregnancy. Sadly, I don’t think that any of this is all that surprising when one realizes that, for them, morality has nothing to do with helping vs. hurting, cruelty vs. kindness. They draw their ethics from the arbitrary and brutal laws of an ancient text. Their view of reality is not based on what the evidence shows, but what their personal prejudices and gut feelings tell them. That is why it’s so easy for them to justify the most heinous and disgusting of injustices with a deep passion and strong hatred.

I am always saddened when I see things like this. It’s awful. It’s cruel and shameful. It sometimes brings tears to my eyes. Sadly, though, what I don’t feel is surprise.

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Comment by Charles Cusumano on December 31, 2008 at 3:15am
Yes, they even believe that people rode Dinosaurs, to wit, the “Creation Museum” in my backward little state, KY. They must also believe that it is OK to sell their wives for sex and their daughters into slavery AND stone their brothers for planting their crops to close to theirs. Hmmmmm, stoned. Let me rethink that ;-).
Comment by tiberius on August 10, 2008 at 8:53pm
For them, their "gut feelings" and "personal prejudices" are justified by passages in their own good book. In some cases, like a coworker of mine, these folks already had these elements of hatred and then discovered something to justify them while under the cloak of "goodness and holiness".



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