2 am, I already write for two blogs, why am I doing this?

Maybe I'm doing this just to see how I like it? Maybe because I've fallen madly in love with writing and wish to waltz with it to the ends of this spheroid object we call Earth? But why here? If I want to express myself, well, that's what one of the two blogs I write for is for...

Splendid Elles

Teen Skepchick

I think the main reason though is because I'm bored and I don't want to write anything so terribly lacking of content on my own blog... but I do have that constant itch to string those words together into some form of prose. Maybe I can achieve some form of eloquence without content just to satisfy myself.

Ooh, my fingers feel so good at the keyboard. I've never felt more like myself, more at home, than at a keyboard spewing out words.

I love writing. I love hearing the clickity-clack as my fingers strike symbols, generating meaning out of such small physical acts. My fingers just flow across, setting words free from my little mind of small insanities.

The words flow so fast sometimes that people think that I'm typing very very angrily. But I'm not. I'm just setting my mind free for all to view my strangeness, and randomness, and all that jazz.

Where else do I get to be who I am? Where else do I get to scream my angers and joys out without violating a noise ordinance? For once in a long time I'm not writing with any real purpose in mind but to give myself an excuse to write. I'm just writing for the sake of writing and I wish I would do this more often.

Even better, I wish that I had a nice pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream next to me... and maybe a bag of baby carrots.

But I just feel good now. Just writing.

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Comment by Scott on August 2, 2008 at 4:36am
I can relate to this more than anything. I used to post blogs every day for months on end. I even went so far as to posting them at the right time that more people would see them. That was just me though, not saying you do that. Haha.
But I felt like there I could say anything I wanted to, any opinion I had that I couldn't shout anywhere in the world could be written without any care in the world. I loved it. Over time the feeling went away and was just another daily activity, but I never stopped really enjoying it, I only stopped enjoying it in the same way, if that makes any sense to you. Anywho, I know how you feel, as I've felt it too. Hold onto it, don't let it leave. You'll miss it severely.



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