Hello, fello Freethinkers, Humanists, and Atheists.

I'm new here, and I am drawn to this site in a big way.
It was an idea I had long ago, but never got around to doing.
So glad someone was able to follow through on their plan, because it is a great idea.
Anywho, I'm Scott, I've been an Atheist for a few years now, was Agnostic a few months before, and a Christian the other part of my life.
I'm 16, which is a big excuse people make for my Atheism, claiming that I'm just rebeling.
That and that I "don't want to live by Gods standards".
Though, I have many Christian friends who realize this is who I am, and that is nice to have.
Recently I've been debating religion with a good Christian friend of mine, and that has been a fun experience for me. I've debated many a Christian before but they were Christians who would rather say "You're going to Hell" (Minus the half decent grammar and spelling skills, if you've ever experienced that) and move on than reply with any serious, and thought provoking arguments, or even replies to anything I said.
Of course, this was on MySpace so I shouldn't have expected anything more.
(No offence to MySpacer's, I still frequent MySpace as it is a good site for communication with my friends.)
Anyhow, as you can probably tell I go off on tangents very easily, and sometimes forget what I was going to say in the first place, and for that I apologize, I hope you can look over that and realize I am serious about my beliefs.
Also, though I am an Atheist I have been mistaken for a Agnostic many a time because of the degree of my Atheism.
I believe there is no God, but do not claim there isn't. Which, by the true definition of Atheism is still just that Atheism, not Agnosticism. I reserve my right to be proven wrong, and my right to say there may be, but I have not been given any shred of a reason to believe in such things.
Just as I will not claim there is no FSM (to use a over used argument), because for all I know there is. I still do not believe in it though, and as such still reserve my right to be proven wrong.
I hope this explains a little about me, and if you have any questions or comments feel free to post away.
Critisism (Spelling is wrong, I'm sure, but I'm tired and about to go to sleep, so hopefully it's understandable.) is fine, but constructive critisism only please. Critisism without any reasoning or corrections is pointless and irritating.

I should have pictures up eventually, but as of now I don't have a camera, so it may be a couple weeks.

I do not enjoy talking to anyone who pushes their beliefs on anyone else. I believe if someones beliefs make them happy and do not harm me or others, they should have them. On all sides of the giant God debate there are people like that. I used to be one at one time, but this was in my new-found Atheist kick, where I had a "more-enlightened-than-though" attitude and was a major elitist. It wasn't too long before I grew out of that stage and matured a little, in my opinion anyway. Maybe I'm still immature in my writings, or debates, but I haven't had much experience and have much to learn. I hope people on this site will understand this, too.

Also, some people say that when speakers use a lot of big words they are trying to seem smarter than they really are, which I have heard a lot because I do use big words. But it's not to cover anything up I just like what I say to be as descriptive as it can be. I don't want it to be the same bland type of writing that is used by everyone else. It bored me when people do that, and I have difficulty keeping a conversation alive with them. A big pet peeve of mine, I suppose.

But, it's late. I will add to this tomorrow, probly around 3 or 4 PM (Central time) or if not then, about this time tomorrow, maybe a little bit earlier.
I hope this describes me as well as I think it does. I would have posted a shorter version of this on my about me but for some reason it's not saving anything I put in it, so I'll have to wait and see if it will later, and this will stay here for now.

If you like what I have to say/are interested in talking with me about anything at all, I'm online every day at some point, or I try to be anyway, so just send me a message or a comment and we'll talk about whatever you want.

G'night Atheist Nexus, sleep well.

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Comment by Richard Knight on August 17, 2008 at 1:33am
Glad you enjoy it. And don't worry about being accused of using big words to try to sound smart. It happens when you use a word they don't know.

Since I'm tired, too; I'll close now. If you need to talk, you can find me!



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