The media keeps going on that Flew is supposed to be this well known atheist but I never heard from him before he decided to not be an atheist anymore and write a book about it.
I'm adding it here and on my own blog to reach as many people as possible.
So here's a poll about it:

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Comment by AtheistJoy on September 3, 2008 at 9:03am
Wut? Who? Not so famous I guess.

I'm guessing that there are a lot more famous Christians/Muslims that hold their tongue when they stop believing. It's social suicide to stop believing. In Islam it can be literal suicide. So why would a person say anything when they stop believing in [insert popular religion of choice here]? Just think about one of the biggest statements posed at atheists: But you have to believe in something!

That's the whole idea of the Out Campaign. Getting Atheists to come out of the closet. So when someone loses their faith, they are unlikely to say anything about it - Their whole social life (and sometimes career) is likely to evaporate.

These stories are ridiculous and meaningless.
Comment by Micah on August 2, 2008 at 12:53pm
I guess I should ask the inevitable question: Flew who?

It sounds like the media just want to hold up that tired argument of here's somebody who once was an atheist who became a believer. You can do it, too.

The problem is that argument works not only works the other way around, but it is based on a silly premise. Because said famous person can change there mind means that you can, too, which is stupid. Why should anyone believe anything based on what a famous person thinks? The answer is they shouldn't. It is intellectually lazy.

Still, I would argue that Flew is not a famous atheist. Sorry, for the rant.



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