I recently posted in the lost & found forum at dallas.craigslist.org. Someone stole my husband's backpack while he was there and I was hoping someone may find it discarded somewhere. ANYWAY, I noticed an excessive number of "stolen dog" posts. This troubled me enough to begin looking through news sites for evidence that increased dog-napping is occurring. I found this article.

I am already a helicopter "parent" to my little dog, Wash. Now it's just going to get ridiculous. I plan to have him micro chipped AND tattooed ASAP. It's not so much that I think it's likely someone will steal him. It's the fact that if someone did I would lose my mind. Especially if I failed to do something that could have helped us find him if he were to be stolen.

My friends have often heard me rant and rave about how kids these days are coddled and not allowed to experience the inevitable bad things in life etc etc... It's okay if it's a dog though right? RIGHT? That's different!

Dana "I'm not crazy" Houston

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