If you have been following the developments of Christianity then you have to be aware of the new attempts made by the Christian world to push God down our throats. These Christians claims that evolution is not true, it's just a theory and as a result, they want a new scientific idea to be taught in the schools. This bold new idea was first proposed under the name of Creationism which was turned down as a alternative to Evolution because it was clearly seen as an attempt to put religion in the public schools. That did not stop them, so they repackaged Creationism and named it Intelligent Design. Now most of these Christians will blountly point out that Creationism is not Intelligent Design. However, for something to be created there must be a creator. In the Bible the creator is called God, Genesis 1:1. This same reasoning should apply to Intelligent Design, for anything to be designed there must be a designer. Let's give these Christians the benefit-of-doubt and agree that both Creationism and Intelligence are not the same.

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