Actually rejection would be strong because it was never a strong part of my upbringing. Because my folks were different. Very very different. No regular pooja, no emphasis on God or be Good else you will be punished. And I guess I turned out just fine. Morally speaking.

The rejection is of the irrational belief that because of the very strong blandishments society used around me. School was a rich diet of the Catholic creed. Moral Science Lessons every day except Saturday, which was doubly welcome because it was also a half holiday. And yes there were Bible lessons, though the whole thing made us more curious than anything else. Because our favorite nuns were very emulable people, for all th non-religious reasons. Sister Dominica, alas no more, encouraged good reading, Sister Margaret developed in me a strong sense of discipline. Their religion was all the more commendable. Because proselytizing was not a part of it. And they talked Darwin in Science class, because marks in ICSE were more important than our immortal souls, I guess.

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