Political Take on Organized Religion by; "The New Order of Hawkeyes Divine Deliverance."

Jessie Ventura, on his way to the Minnesota Governors Mansion was asked at a rare press conference: "what do you think of organized religon Jessie?"
His answer was: "I think that "Organized Religion" is a "Crutch" for "Weak Minded people."
Now Jessie has successfully completed one term as the Governor of Minnesota, did not run fort a second term to the relief of Minnesota Lawmakers, however is now considering a run for the Minnesota Senate seat.

Being from the US Territory of American Samoa, I cannot vote yea or nay for Jessie, but to the citizens of Minnesota, I would like to see you all band together and get a clever Atheist Voice on the Senate Floor for a change.

We need someone of Jessie's Charachter and intelligence to get the Affairs of State and the affairs of Church seoerated once and for all.

It is time to let the Cat out of the bag and get our Legislature's to cut with the phony baloney, and admitt that most of them are sitting on Capital Hill for personal gain, and could care less about either Church, Culture, or State.

We will need someone such as Jessie Ventura in the Senate to keep the religious fanatics, warmongers, and would be Muslims in check for the next four years.

Take "In God We Trust," off everything remotely related to Government, and get it where it belongs: with the religious congregation's and their idiotic Leader's.

Teach evoloution in the schools that are funded by the Taxpaying Public. By doing this, we will be breeding a new generation of freethinking Americans that will be able to Govern unhindered by religious fanatics.

No where that I know of in the US Constitution does it say that a sitting US President must be of the Christian Faith. I do however believe that the next "Assumed" president of the United States is being funded by and for the Islamic Population of the world.
I beleive that Barack Hussien Obama, his Wife, and his so called Mentor's, are the leaders of the preverbial "New World Order."

You may leave your comments to this Blog on both My Space.com, and Atheist Nexus. Doug Harrington.

Doug Represents "The New Order of Hawkeyes Divine Deliverance" in Pago Pago American Samoa.
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Pastor Doug
Post Office Box 4058
Pago Pago American Samoa
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Comment by Doug Harrington on August 10, 2008 at 7:16pm
Sadly, it has been noted that Jessie will not be seeking the Senate seat after all. This was just Jessie blowing off his big mouth again I suppose. Oh well; it never hurts to wish!



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