So, I've been on Atheist Nexus for a little while now. So far I find the place to be fun, inspiring, and quite friendly. It's been a great experience. While I'd love to donate tons of mad cash, I don't have it. But I read my new friend Hessenroots' most recent blog post about donating, and thought, hey, what a great idea!

Hess just started a CafePress shop to sell all manner of fun things. He said in his post that he will donate his profits from now till October 30th to Atheist Nexus.

My husband and I have had a shop - Sir Lee Tees - for awhile now. We have a whole section devoted to (slightly rude) atheist stuff, as well as a other types of goodies. So I'll throw our hat in the ring. Everything we make in our Atheist section (which is our biggest selling section) we'll donate to the cause of Atheist Nexus from now till the end of the year. It might not be much, but it will all be for the cause. I'll check in and give monthly with my profits until the end of the year.

Keep up the good work, AN.. It's a great place. I've gotten an awful lot out of being here. So thanks.

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