Warreno posted a blog today featuring what many voters probably just don't see: 'the caliber of person who fears immigrants, queers and a black president.' Warreno is from Arizona. I'm from Pennsylvania. I imagine, really, that ignorant rednecks are everywhere, in every state, at least. But I do come across people that are often surprised to see the type...for them, it's like going to the zoo and seeing the howler monkeys for the first time. Initially, they're fascinated because they'd only read about them in books and magazines. But then, when the poo-flinging starts, they recoil in horror, screaming to be let out of the zoo.

Since warrno got to show off his western redneckery, I'd like to feature a little east-coast hick flavor. Please, let me introduce to you, my neighbor, or, at least, his truck:

Oh, yes. Yee-haw. This is Pennsylvania, folks. Pennsylvania. It's rather dumbfounding, isn't it? My favorite is the last one...'You can't Fix Stupid.' Oh, how right he is.

Like warreno said...its really this simple. Vote Obama.

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Comment by IsThatLatin on August 7, 2008 at 1:53pm
Obama is embracing the god folks because, well, he is a god folk. I don't think any of us are laboring under the delusion that we could possibly get an atheist in office. I was considerably less than thrilled with Obama's decision regarding Faith Based PreferredInitiatives, but as bad as that is--and it is bad--it just can't be as bad as the continued platform the religious are given under the auspices of the Republican Party.

Oh, and yeah, maybe I'll ditch the pic with the plate number (although, according to today's post at Atheist Revolution, Christians don't have a problem posting peoples' plates).
Comment by Neece on August 7, 2008 at 12:39pm
Ok... yeah, I feel your pain. I live in West By god Virginia, so I empathize! All my neighbors are redneck white trash. It's horrible. The ignorance is palpable.
I would blur out that license plate though. I think you can get in trouble for that.
BUT.. I heard a bit ago something about OBama that I find very uncool and that has me worried: He said that not only does he like Bush's faith based initiative, but he wants to EXPAND it! So yeah.. he's far from perfect and I'm having trouble with that. Especially since he's really embracing the god folks. Sellout!
But I'll vote for him, only because we don't need McCain, who is horribly terribly rotten and dangerous.
Comment by IsThatLatin on August 7, 2008 at 11:54am
Undo, I have not yet seen the 6 foot high exhaust pipes trend yet, but it's only a matter of time. When I read that, though, I did think of 'truck testicles.' Now, those I've seen. Thanks for being on the same wavelength, Hess.

For those who haven't seen them:

Why are they necessary? So guys can do this:

But I think it's more to do with this:

That's my guess too.
Somewhere in this town, I can tell you, is a vehicle whose horn toots the toot of the Dukes of Hazard's General Lee. No kidding. I've never seen it, but I hear it often. Sometimes many times over the course of days, and then not for weeks, and again for days. Whoever it is, they must have redneck business elsewhere every few weeks. Or maybe they're just visiting a redneck friend here every few weeks. Whatever the case, nothing screws up your very important, smarty-pants academic paper-writing like the peeling of the General Lee's horn within half a block of your study window. I like to imagine the car is actually, like, a 1987 Dodge Omni with a 12 foot CB antennae. YeeHaw.

As for Obama, I feel the same as you guys. Two years ago, I found him refreshing. Over the course of the campaign, and then with the events following his unofficial nomination, I've become officially unimpressed. I mean, he'll make a good President. But he's not my ideal President, and I understand, like Hess says, that that's probably not going to happen in my lifetime. It's depressing to think that all you can really do is keep things from going to complete shit. That being said, though, it's what we have to do.

Comment by Hessenroots on August 7, 2008 at 11:20am
I'm with Critical, I'd love to actually back someone again instead of just sighing as I tap the screen for the 'other guy'. I was a big Howard Dean supporter, it felt nice and I fear those days may well be gone for me in America.

As a Minnesotan living close to the Cities I'll admit that I'm one of those 'redneck gawkers'. You see the occasional pickup with a rebel flag in the back window but it's always some high-school kid poseur. Up in the northern part of the state, on the iron range, we do have our own breed of 'hick' but they're heartier 'salt of the earth' type folks, not what most would consider a redneck.

Having traveled, via Greyhound bus, from one side of this country to the other and back again I have run into MANY 'belters' and redneck types that make me afraid (my first encounter with 'truck testicles' was in Baltimore, MD 2 years ago and I have yet to see them anywhere else). Having seen what others live with on a daily basis I'm glad that I am where I am. Minnesota has slowly, over the last 8 years, become a swing state and that scares me...but not as much as the hard-line red states.
Comment by Chris on August 7, 2008 at 11:11am
What does 'I MY BOO' mean? Is it some sort of redneck code?
Comment by CriticalMessiah on August 7, 2008 at 10:49am
Undo - That's not a bad idea. Start a website where we post the pictures and comments. Try to get the license plates in the shots so the owners can be publicly ridiculed! Just like the pro-lifer nuts taking pictures of people going into clinics.

I'll vote Obama, but just once I wish I could vote FOR someone instead of against the 'other guy'.
Comment by Undo on August 7, 2008 at 10:37am
Oh...my....dog. I just threw up a little bit. I'm in western Maryland and I've seen some absurd redneck vehichles but...damn. The new thing around here is to add 6 foot high exhaust pipes rising above the bed behind the cab. Have you seen that? Nothing says ignorant white trash like some smokestacks and rebel flag stickers. Where's the Jesus paraphernalia?

Maybe we should start a new group dedicated to getting pictures of absurd redneck/religious vehicles. That would be a fun hobby.

Too bad this is your neighbor. I feel your pain.



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