Love stretching cultural borders

I think most people would agree that love is a strange thing. When you are in love, you loose all logic and reason. The newest way to fall in love is internet dating, which has become immensely popular during the past years. However, internet dating aside, the MMO community has recently caused a lot of weddings to be held all over the world, made people marry each other despite cultural differences, language barriers and huge distances keeping the lovers apart. It has also maybe quite ironically been proven in several surveys that people who meet on the internet first will have a higher probability to stick with each other in the future, compared to normal dating. Of course it depends on the way the "dating" is done, meeting a normal person on the street is more or less determined by looks and other physical aspects such as pheromones, while you are more attracted by personality through a sort of internet dating, assuming the person is indeed honest about him/herself.

However, with the MMOs, there is a little to no aspect of dating involved, since building a social network is not what MMOs are about in comparison to internet dating sites. MMO games are also generally played by males in their mid-30s, according surveys, and unless you are a homosexual single, dating in MMOs seems like grasping for strays of hay. It should also be noted that most males in their mid-30s are also settled down and already have started to have a family. Still, it feels like MMO games might be better than internet dating, just because MMO games will not attract the fake people. When you play an MMO game, you play it to hang out with people having a similar interest like you, namely playing that very MMO game. Anything else is just not relevant of who you truly are IRL. In the world of MMOing, only your player skills matters. That is also why I believe strong relationships built up in an MMO environment are always more sincere and true, because the only reason you actually talk to that person is because you like that person because that person has a nice personality, not because you saw that person had a very sexy photo of him/herself and seemed interesting on paper. Just people a person happened to share a lot of interests with you, it doesn't mean you will automatically become friends.

Which I also find quite sad is how meeting someone who is not from your culture is most often a little frowned upon, and to marry that person even more frowned upon, but it is also a part of how international our world is becoming. Maybe instead of frowning we should embrace it, since it obviously makes people happy, why take that away? I don't think people who has never been in the situation of having a distance relationship really understand why someone would like to go through it in the first case. For them it seems crazy and just painful, and indeed, it can be very painful but it also depends a lot on your own attitude. I think in the end, in terms of love, most people probably prefer a sort of carpe diem, because that's what they are told to do. If you realize you love someone who is loving you back, it would be very strange to say "no, I don't want this sort of development of our relationship because I will just get hurt" because your mind says to you you want to be with this person, no matter what. Is it being a slave to your hormones? No idea. In any case, I am not sure if you would become more happy saying "no" than if you said "yes". In a way, it seems like an easy solution to say "no" without trying, because of what might happen, but you can't know it will happen until it happens. But saying "no" will probably ruin the relationship as much since it has obviously passed that sort of stage where a normal friendship is no longer possible in such a sense, since obviously, stronger feelings are involved after all. You cannot revert one feeling to another even though you might want to, and that is all completely done out of the fear getting hurt.

With that I just wanted to conclude that love is a strange thing. People fall in love despite cultural differences and they might live in a country which is not even their own mothercountry. A person I knew had a Finnish mother and a Dutch father and they lived in Sweden. A typical example of multiculture. They were certainly a no less happy family than any other family I have met where both partners came from the same country. We should really cast away those superstitions about what is as accepted as a partner and what isn't. Why does it matter? It's all love, when you are in that situation it's not like you can say, "no, I don't want to because people will start to alienate from me just because I don't follow the recommended rules of what a partner should be like", since you obviously already are in love. If you in such situations actually bend yourself to follow what people are expecting from you, I would just like to say, get a grip about yourself. Who is actually going to control your life and what defines your happiness? It is your life and no one elses, so you are basically free to do whatever you want. If people complain you are also as free to tell to shut the fuck up, may they even be your own family.

I just wanted to lastly say, I think you know I love you and I do love you very much and I have probably loved you ever since we actually met for the first time so many years ago... And I just hope somewhere in the future that maybe we can do something, because I know you understand me now, maybe better than I ever expected it to be from you, it is a very hard situation and I still feel incredibly confused by these turn of events, but now in restrospect I realize, maybe it was always meant to be this way. Life and love are such strange things really... Still I don't feel unhappy, quite the opposite even though you left me now and I miss you terribly. I feel life has just given me so many more opportunities of which I am happy for, because I hate to give up, always, carpe diem, what else would we otherwise live for since we only live once? If I could manage all those years, I think I can manage many more.

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