Hey atheosphere (werd), I usually chronical my blogs with chapters (I'm on chapter 25 or so on my facebook page, but no one really reads that either), because I don't expect anyone to really pay attention to my lower level ramblings. I sub to many other atheistic blogs, and all I've got to say is they put me to shame. Quality. I especially enjoy this blog that talks about all the political philosophies. Refreshing.

Anyways, I was compelled to write this post because I saw the support ads on the side of this website, and found it extremely funny. Wow are they preaching to the wrong crowd:

"the Atheist's Riddle" and bullshitte like that. "Jesus Christ Loves you". LOL.

Anyways, I have been putting off putting up videos onto my youtube channel for quite a while now. I'm a pretty active youtube atheist, mostly comments and youtube debates (I live outside of the web most of the time though). I want to start contributing video content. Any people who are also on youtube? Maybe give me some tips on video editing or something, esp. youtube vids, because I know attention spans are short.

I use Ubuntu, (Linux for those of you proprietary source slaves). I'm planning on using Cinalerra to edit vids. Might be over kill, but I want to learn.

Ok, seeing that this post is mad incoherrent, I might as well just babble.

I recently started messing around with this beat making program called Hydrogen. It's mad tight, and it means I no longer have to beat box behind my instrumentals for percussion. Still having some issues with audacity. I don't really like switching between the 2 programs to make my Hip Hop shitte, but I think there is a way to stream line it.

I also have been trying to make stencils in Gimp, which is what photoshop tries to be like. The program has a learning curve, and I haven't gotten any where. I'm leaving Shanghai soon, and would have really wanted to put some of these ideas up. I might in the end have to just put them up as wheat pastes instead. I'll take some pics if anything comes of this.

I'm buying another distortion pedal for my guitar this week. (wow this post is random as shitte). Since my pedal board is in Malaysia and heavy as shitte, which would have costed my mad bones to ship here, I'll have to just settle with one pedal and mess with the gain on my guitar to differentiate the sounds on stage.

If anyone is in Beijing and wants to form a hardcore/Hip Hop/Post rock band, hit me up. I've written a lot of new material already, all in Chinese. The band will be naturally anti-theist.

I'm starving, need to go eat. Peace for now. This is pretty fun.

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