"Growing pains" is a word-phrase that is used to describe the sometimes 'painful' phases we go through as we get a little older and a littler wiser. Babies have literal growing pains as their teeth come in. Teens have growing pains when they realize they aren't popular and they never will be. The key word here is 'growing,' really. That baby will eventually have teeth with which to gnaw on all sorts of yummy items, and he or she will be thankful for it. That teenager will hopefully manage to get through high school without smuggling an Uzi into Home Ec. and he or she will turn into an adult with excellent coping skills. They will grow.

So, how ironic is it that former 'Growing Pains' star Kirk Cameron has a memoir out called 'Still Growing?' Sure, it seems ironic because, as most of us know, Cameron has gone the path of the faithful, which, to many of us, is a sign of downright stunted growth. That's not the only ironic part. In an interview with beliefnet, there was the following exchange...

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Comment by Undo on August 13, 2008 at 8:42am
Just what we need - another ignorant fundie brainwashing his children. I wonder if he cherry picks the OT and NT like the other fundies? Silly question, of course he does. It's unbelievable that the media gives him any airtime. Have you ever watched the YouTube videos of him? Ignorant bastard.



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