It seems that every day 3 polls come out and the people who refer to them talk about the results as if the poll is solid gold fact. And most people just accept it as truth. Well, it's not.

Don't believe everything you read or hear. People have agendas and numbers are easily warped and skewed.

That leads me to Reason and a new project I've volunteered for. If you've ever seen the Skeptics Annotated Bible, this is a project to make it even better. I love having resources and this will be a great one. The SAB is already good, so this will make it better.

Also, I posted the 10 myths and 10 truths of atheism. It's pretty cool, written by Sam Harris a couple years ago. Go here to read it if you like.

You can read the more detailed version of this post here, which includes links and stuff.

Have a great day!

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