Thursday, 14 August, 2008 21:45

Nilknarf Daily Haiku
is wonderful; it allows
us to be happy.

Bad day - good day here.

The bad part was that JD and Samson left, of course.

I forget how much I love dogs until I'm around one for a while.

And I will always love JD.

And I hated to see them go... but it must be.

And after they left... I took a nice, long nap; about three hours.

Got up, took a shower and did some other chores and then waited for Lana to get here....

And she did, and we had salsa and beer and watched a movie and part of another one... and she'll come back tomorrow and watch the rest of it with me tomorrow.

I really enjoy being with her, she's easy to be around; there aren't that many people like that.

Additionally, she's really cute and has a wonderful smile.

Unfortunately, she has to go to work at 06:30, which means that she has to get up at 05:00... so she goes to bed early.

Why, yes, I do remember that part of my life, heh.

The getting up and getting there was the hard part... it was all fun after that, of course. Fun... and hard work... but for a good cause.

At least, I'm pretty sure that it was for a good cause, at least my part of it.

I did get some pictures of JD and Samson, which I will be posting over the next several days.

And it's bedtime, dammit. Since I had a nap, I figgered that I wouldn't be sleepy, but I am.

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