Evil Genius Plan for the Promotion of Science and Reason

Okay, this is subtle, genius, detailed, thorough, and therefore long.

I take college classes at Community College of Denver which shares the campus with University of Colorado Denver and Metropolitan State College of Denver. MSCD has an Atheist group which I help out a lot.

I'm a non-officer member with a title of something like "Honourary High School Genius".

Anyway, there's also a "Crypto-'Science' Society" which does things with Bigfoot and shit. They also always sponsor MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network.

All a bunch of fucktards.

But they have MUFON shit on campus EVERY month and so far MSCD Atheists haven't done a single thing.

I got sick of MUFON... Particularly when MUFON decided to bring a speaker on campus about a ballot initiative they're trying to pass here in Denver to create an "extra-terrestrial affairs commission" aka, waste of tax-payer dollars.

So, I asked the curator of astrobiology at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to come give a talk about the science of astrobiology vs. the pseudoscience of UFOlogy.

He agreed.

It gets even better. Now, the ballot-initiative UFO nuts are going to get the most publicity during the Democratic National Convention.

We can't put the lecture together by then BUT...

We can put out a press release which would coincide with the press release for their press conference.

That way anybody getting a press release will also know that there is going to be an opposing view offered later in the year before the election.

AND they will know that an astrobiologist, a person who scientifically studies the possibility of alien life, thinks that we don't need this shit.

So they can interview him.

We are essentially leeching off of their publicity.

This is all stuff that I just came up with this morning due to high levels of caffeine and I already have things in motion. The latest this thing will be sent out is next Thursday... That is...

Assuming our registration material doesn't mysteriously get moved to the bottom of the pile in the student gov't office again.

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