The following appeared in Redwood City Daily News

..."Altar Boyz" feels like a marketing idea that was thrown together quickly and carelessly to try and make a buck. As a result, it has the vibe of a dishonest piece of commercial collaboration, like a con man turned preacher.

A marketing idea? Sounds like religion in general. A con man turned preacher? Isn't that redundant?

I really wish that more people could turn those critical eyes on all religion, not just little bits and pieces.

Edit: Not only is the show OLD, it's also satire. If I'd bothered to do a basic Wiki search before I posted I would have found...

Altar Boyz is an Off-Broadway musical comedy about a fictitious Christian boy band from Ohio. It addresses and satirizes, among other things, the phenomenon of boy bands, the popularity of Christian-themed music and products in contemporary American culture.

Sooo, off to a bad start much?

Yeah. Thanks Brendan.

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Comment by Brendan D. on August 15, 2008 at 12:27pm
In fairness to the show, the reviewer seems to have missed its point as a satirical take on evangelism. It's worth seeing if it's playing near you. Much more clever and amusing than the clueless article makes it out to be!

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