Ok.. I decided. I need to be myself. I wrote about it here. I want to change my name on here to my real name. I just wanted to let you know... Fruitloop is a nice nickname, but I'm Neece and I'm an Atheist. christians can just deal with it.

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Comment by Neece on August 18, 2008 at 9:48pm
Thanks very much, Latin. I totally understand your point of take on things. For you it sounds like it's better to not give anyone ammo against you.
For me, hopefully it won't matter. Thanks for the luck. I hope I don't need too much of it
Comment by IsThatLatin on August 18, 2008 at 4:33pm
Hi Neece! Congratulations.

I blogged for a while under my real name, but I've had second thoughts about it. My name, like your name, is unique and I would be easily identified. In person, I have no qualms with voicing my atheism, but I admit to being a bit nervous at what grad schools and employers might find Googling my name on the Net. There's already enough, I'm sure, to put them off--I don't need to hand them the cherry to the cake of my ostracism. I don't see it as being afraid; I see it as acknowledging the pitfalls of that level of honesty and not being dumb about it. The fact is also that I've wasted enough very precious time in my life getting nowhere--I really can't have anything impeding my progress at this point. Once I'm established anywhere doing anything, it'll be quite the different story.

Tons o' luck to your new/old identity!



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