And thus, the secular Republican turns water into wine

...and the believing Democrat is subjected to the Rovian lions.

The New Evangelicals: Like The Right, Only Broader

Heading into lift the gates of the lion's pens event, Warren was declaring that, since it is his job as a pastor to shepherd “Democrats and Republicans and liberals and conservatives and moderates” he wasn’t going to ask “gotcha questions” but instead as “heartland questions” whatever that means. In fact, all this moderate sounding talk with terrifying the Right – so much so that some of them had to organize a late-night conference call with reporters in order to the right-wing perspective on the event. But, as it turned out, Warren’s questions were so in-line with their own agenda that they could barely contain their glee – in fact, one pre-conference critic even issued a press release saying the event was even “better than I had prayed it would be.”

And why was that? Because, for all of Warren and the “new evangelical’s” talk of issues beyond the standard right-wing agenda, when given the opportunity to press their issues with the candidates, Warren reverted to type, asking John McCain questions about same-sex marriage, abortion, judges, faith, evil, adoption, faith-based organizations, and religious persecution while asking next to nothing about poverty or climate change or any of the other issues that are said to make up this new movement’s expanded agenda.

I've gone from liking both candidates in this campaign to thinking they are both asshats. Both of them understood the separation of church and state at one time.

Obama gets the dunce cap for thinking that Republican Evangelical Christians can actually be trusted to keep their word. Did he really think that Rove and Co. would give up Al Queda? Srsly? What the fuck did he think was going to happen?

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Comment by Skylar on August 27, 2008 at 10:51pm
Disgusting, isn't it? It's like you have to transubstantiate integrity into cowardice to get the presidential nod from either party.
Comment by AtheistJoy on August 22, 2008 at 8:33am
I can't understand what's going on in his camp. He got a wonderful response to his original campaign of addressing concerns immediately and with candor. He got a good response when he behaved like a reasonable person who brushed off the rantings of the RR with the flick of his wrist. He made life very difficult for the press when he refused to give them soundbites and forced them to focus on the issues rather than personal crap.

And McCain was a decent human being at one time.

In other words, both of them refused to play Rovian politics. I suppose that's what happened. McCain gave up his ethics and allowed Rove into it. This is really, really sad.

I'm a centrist, btw. I'm huge on compromise and reaching across the aisle for both sides. Or maybe I'm just old. I really despise Rove. I wish that somewhere an honest person, sitting on a bench could examine information about him and throw him in a jail cell somewhere. Although I sincerely doubt it would stop his destructive campaigns of hate.

He's dangerous.
Comment by Roger Reynolds on August 18, 2008 at 6:42pm
I agree that Obama should have stayed away from this, but for a more fundamental reason. He should know, and I wish someone would tell him if he doesn't, that he can never get a useful percentage of the evangelical vote. The color problem aside, although I don't believe that this is negligible either, they are generally the most reliable GOP voting block. In catering to what he thinks that they want to hear, he only sets himself up for them to believe that he is lying and so move toward McCain in even more secure a block. Furthermore, I understand that he needs to move toward the center at this stage of the race, but speaking to that fringe specifically will also cut him off from liberals who now will see him as a stealth fundie.



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