Well, this is the third day of my bicycle-camping trip. I'm using a F5 Enduro Hi-Racer recumbent with Jandd Mountaineering panniers. The bike is performing really well. I don't have the speedometer on the bike, but a speedtrap I passed by had me clocked at 22mph.

I've been using my old Thermarest camping mattress, but I'm also using a LuxuryLite Backpacker Cot. Wow. The cot is uber-comfy. Combined with the Thermarest, It is actually more comfortable than a lot of beds I have slept in. Seriously.

The only drawback to the cot is that the slight slope (and I mean SLIGHTEST) warps the support rings. They seem to bounce back okay the next day, but I don't know how long they'll hold up for long-term usage. There is a life-time guarantee and I here the company owners take it seriously, so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt.

My newly discovered food allergies really have curtailed my original plans. Instead of going into MIchigan's upper Peninsula, I'm kicking it fairly close to where I'm living. So far, I've managed to have enough food. (I packed a large amount of staples just in case).

Weather has been stellar, although I need to start listening to the weather before I ride for the day. It seems that I've been chosing to ride into the wind more than not.

The recumbent feel great fully loaded. When it's loaded you barely feel bumps in the road. Riding into the wind still sucks, but no where near as bad as on an upright.

I did overpack on this trip. I packed my computer, but finding electrical outlets and phone service for my cellphone-modem has been pretty tough. Still, I managed to do a little writing.

Back still hurts, even with the recumbent and the comfy mattress... but that's another issue I'll have to blog about at a later point.

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