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I've added the Atheist Nexus full blog RSS to AideRSS. This will allow you to see the best posts that are blogged within the A|N blog system. You can also see at one go the most popular ones.

(Sorry, the blog eats the script so I can't put them here. Visit the link above)

I've already done this a few weeks ago but didn't mention it because the system was failing. It has since been solved (somewhat) so now I'm letting the rest of you know.

You can easily subscribe to either the full feed, or one of less trafficed ones

How does this work, I've blogged about this shortly here but basically AideRSS counts the number of times each post was voted up, commented, seen and discussed and gives it a rating. This is a nice representation of how popular that post is and thus we can filter out the rest in order to save some time.


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