So now we know (and are shocked, I'm sure, to learn) that the "bigfoot" "carcass" was actually a monkey suit on ice.

It's not the hoax that's really the story here, though; it's that the hoaxters seemed to believe they'd be able to get away with it.

One of the two men in the fraud is a sheriff, and damned well should have known what kind of forensic analysis his "corpse" would be put to. But both of these backwoods yokels seemed to be caught unawares by how quickly their story came apart. Just a few days after saying they'd offer hair (polyester fiber) and DNA (monkey, opossum and some human) samples for analysis, they saw their house of stupidity implode with total and stunning — to them — rapidity.

The ignorance they displayed in the face of early 21st century science — the rank moronism they betrayed at how well we can probe the natural world to seek its secrets — is to me the real story behind the story.

What saddens me most is that this nation is crawling with people even less intelligent than these two are — and these people breed, and vote.

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