Warping their fragile, little minds

So, I just watched a couple of episodes of Happy Tree Friends on YouTube. I had seen an episode of that little show before, the one where the critters are swimming and dying bloodily in a pool, but that episode struck me as nothing but pointless gore, so I wrote the series off as nothing but an unimaginative excuse to show blood and guts.

Now, probably around six months to a year later, I watch it again and actually see some intelligence in this show. There's cleverness to the storylines, as well as the methods of torturing and slaughtering the critters now, plus it's genuinely amusing at times.

I doubt I'm in the target age group HTF is made for, but I've got a new respect for it, regardless. As someone who's interested in video production, as well as animation, I can appreciate it for how it's put together, from the writing to rendering the finished product. I see it as a form of art, even if the content might be of a violent nature.

I'm sure many parents, both religious and nonreligious, object strongly to shows with such strong content even existing. I'm also sure that some of them try to get such shows cancelled in a misguided attempt to "protect the children" from imagined mental harm. The thing is, if parents are so concerned that watching these shows is going to turn their kids into a bunch of mindless Jason Voorhees, then they should do their job as parents and actually talk to their kids about these shows and explain their concerns to them. Going berserk and raising Cain over the shows, while simply telling their kids not to watch them because "they're evil" or some such nonsense, is only going to make them want to see what all the fuss is about.

Remember, it's up to the parents to raise their kids, not the people who create and air content that's not intended to be seen by them and might not be suitable for them, at least, in the eyes of certain over-protective parents who want to shield their children from all the "bad" stuff in the world.

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