Thursday, 21 August, 2008 22322

Nilknarf Daily Haiku
death: fucking unfair,
life: fucking temporary.
In the middle: cool!

What a day... I got some sleep... from 02:00 until 11:45, and it was good.

Lanas' mother is in the hospital... I am so helpless to help her, but I really want to.

She has a lot of family... and that is great.

And I am still here, wanting to help. not knowing any of them, but feeling for all of them.

They have a beloved mother/gandmother dying....

I don't know them. but I know their pain.

Yeah, I know the pain... and, in whatecer way I can, I want to alleviate pain.

Appreciating life is, of course, the coolest thing ever... I like to think that I do that... from the stars in and moon the sky to loving humanity, and burrowing down in that to loving a particular person, and a group of persons.

I cannot live without love... and neither acn anyone else. no matter what they say..

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