Friday, 22 August, 2008 17:49

Nilknarf Daily Haiku
death: fucking unfair,
life: fucking temporary.
In the middle: cool!

Another beautiful day, though a little bit warmer than I like it.

Lana called about 08:15, and I was shrill half-asleep, and hit the wrong button on my phone which was charging on my headboard.

I had steak and eggs for breakfast... Mmmmm, good.

I went to see the psychologist at 11:15 and mt MD at 14:15.

I really like both of these guys, but the insurance won't pay for the psycho guys, so that will have to stop, I'm afraid.

So, I'm going to stop my Amaryl, to see if that is causing my excessive sweating... I will be just sitting, no energy used, and sweat like a pig. And I hate that, although it does make other people think that I really working hard, heh.

And I will be getting another angiogram an reaming out of my internal(posterior) iliacs, which might or might not solve the hip problems/walking problems. And ht ED, which I haven't talked about, and won't.

Speaking of things like that, Lana will be known as SO, for her story is her own, and not mine to talk about.

She is very sweet, and comprises many of Karens' good points, which is expected, of course.

And I have a great amount of respect and admiration and fondness for her, for she is very cool.

Yes, my SO is very important to me.

I love having someone to put my arm around while watching a movie, someone to kiss during commercials, someone to think about when I want to be happy.

I always want to be happy... it's one of my talents, heh.

My SO isn't someone that I considered significant when Karen comprised her list... all I could think about were the negatives associated with the first four... I didn't know Lana well enough at that time to feel anything.

Now I know the negatives... there are none.

Dammit, I really enjoy being happy. It's been a long, long time.

O'yeah... yesterdays' entry? I had totally fallen off the wagon, and hit my head hard, wound up with my foot in my mouth.

Dumb-ass, I know better.

Pissed about... the way that the poor Chritians are persecuted in this country; the are only 85% of the population, they just need to shut up, heh.

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