Although I'm certain that I will be far from the only one to draw the parallel, let me be the first one to note it here.

Hillary had her "3 AM Phone Call" ad, where she awoke to answer a crisis phone call. Now some of us know how Hillary would have felt, particularly if the call were not a true crisis. Barack Obama has just PLACED a 3 AM phone call to those whom he can least afford to offend by an early morning awakening, i.e., those of us who have given him some money toward his campaign.

I'm still awake because I'm still pissed off.

At 3:17 AM my cell phone chimed that I had received the long anticipated text message that the Illinois Senator had chosen Delaware Senator Joe Biden as his vice-presidential running mate.

Obama has known this for a couple of days. Members of his staff & Senator Biden have known for at least a day.

So why did he have to call me at 3 AM to tell me?

So much for being "a part of the campaign." I just want to get back being a part of dreamland, but that's apparently not going to happen.

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