Tuesday, 26 August, 2008 23:53

Nilknarf Daily Haiku
sugar in the blood...
not too much, not too little;
got to be just right.

First, a confession: this was not really written on Tuesday but on Wednesday morning at 04:00.

I did get a good nights' sleep Monday night, like seven hours or so... felt pretty good when I got up at 06:00.

Beautiful day, and I even got out a little bet, went to the store, did a few chores....

Lana got to come over for a little bit, it was nice seeing her, of course. She was just in Topeka to pick up clothes, then she went back out of town.

Early evening, I started watching the convention, and I got so tied up in it that forgot to eat until about 19:30 or so, so I got up to fix supper.

And the next thing I know, I'm on the floor in the kitchen and my head hurts and my jaw hurts.

My blood sugar was probably down around 50 or so.

So I sat on the floor and ate several slices of bread and waited a few minutes until I could stand up and then I went straight to bed.

Some way or another I left the freezer door open... I must've grabbed it as I was going down, and didn't notice it when I stood up and went to bed... it was wide open this morning, and everything was thawed, dammit.

Which gives me the opportunity to throw everything away... most of that stuff was in there since before Karen died.

I had wanted to watch Sebelius, our Kansas governor, talk, but I missed that.

And my BS was 124 this morning, which is OK.

Since I've been off of the diabetic medication, I've been extra-careful about what I eat and when, and until yesterday I did pretty good with it.

And now I have a good reason to be even better.

One of the things that I did do yesterday was call the radiologists' nurse about getting another angiogram done and get my internal iliacs reamed out... that was something that the doc mentioned when I had the last angiogram done, and he was supposed to talk with the surgeon.

And it turns out that he had talked to the surgeon just Monday and they decided that would be the way to go, and he had been talking to the nurse about it.

So she was going to get me set up and call me back... but she didn't yesterday.

And it's 04:30 and I have a headache for some reason... I'm glad that I don't have a cut.

I might add some more onto this later, so check back

O'wait, I won't, that'll be todays' entry, this is yesterdays'... I'm done with this one.

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