school is back in session, and i'm back on campus for the first time in a year and a half. greek rush numbers were record high this year, so there are frat boys and sorostitutes crawling all over campus in their matching tshirts and crap... i can do nothing but grit my teeth and just think about how awesome it will be to get out of here in may.

i don't have a problem w/ the greek system per se; it's never appealed to me really, but i know some pretty cool people that happen to be in frats or sororities. the thing is, the greek system here at OU is one of elitism. it's all the rich kids from dallas that cling to the clique-iness of highschool as if it even mattered. they come up here, join these houses, and spend the next four years being completely vanilla and oblivious. it just makes me angry to see them on campus.

so there's that.

this morning at work we had to euthanize a dog. he was 15 and had pretty aggressive cancer in his nose. his 'dad' is a professor at the university, and it was really, really hard for him. then my jackass boss couldn't get the catheter set up (to inject the euth solution- it wasn't all his fault, b/c the dogs veins were so ropey and his blood pressure was jacked) in ANY of the dog's limbs... so we had to do a straight injection which is a little worse b/c it's slower. anyway i had to hold on the dog's arm while it died. it was the first euthanasia i've been present in the room for, and i just couldn't take it. i held it in till the owner left (he was crying, it broke my heart even more) then just lost it. he came back in to get the dog's collar, saw me crying, and started feeling bad for making ME feel bad- it was just one big emotional mess. the rest of the day at work just kind of sucked.

and there's that...

now i'm at home for lunch. a professor advised us to watch the speeches from the DNC going on right now- particularly michelle obama's speech- so i queued that up and sat down w/ some mac and cheese, and- dammit- i'm emotional again!!!

seriously, i don't think we will ever hear a speech like that again. it's idealistic w/o being cheesy, it lauds obama w/o showcasing him, and it's just plain honest- i am moved. i was kind of on the fence about him (originally i was for hillary), and while i had intended on voting for him anyway, now i feel more secure in my decision to do so. i haven't given a damn about the election up to this point, but after seeing and hearing some of these speeches (check out both kennedys' and kucinich's!) it seems to me that, while the american people are awfully cynical and probably frightened right now, the kind of 'hope' that obama is schlocking isn't fake. it's not wrong to want to hold our country to the ideals we once had.

jesus, it's been an emotional day. and i'm not even done w/ lunch!

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