I tend to humor conspiracy theory proponents. They’re typically quiet, generally decent humans and more or less harmless as far as I’m concerned. Getting into a debate with one has the potential to be as mind-numbingly painful (not to mention useless) as debating a fundamentalist christian but if you just let them ramble on and nod every once and a while you can escape without tearing out your hair. I don’t believe this brand of lunacy should go on unchecked but when they person you’ve come toe-to-toe with ‘knows’ they’re right and has ‘evidence’ it becomes an exercise in futility.

Quite frankly, if nothing else, it amuses the hell out of me. Reading pages upon pages detailing the secret presidential meetings with space aliens (wherein the pres trades citizens for alien technology) that have been going on since the 50’s is one thing but having someone whom honestly believes this stuff tell you all about it is nothing short of hilarious.

(read the rest with links, pics and video here...) :)

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