Wednesday, 27 August, 2008 19:20

Nilknarf Daily Haiku
sugar in the blood...
not too much, not too little;
got to be just right.

Well, it's not the BS, so it must be the BP.

I did get some more sleep. about two hours after 08:30.

Had a normal day, didn't go out much; worked and played on the computer.

Lanas' mothers' funeral was today, but I wasn't invited, heh... she hasn't told anyone about me yet, and it would have been very awkward for both of us... and she had plenty of support there from her family and friends.

And I don't really like funerals anyway... I like wakes, though.

So, a pretty normal day for me.... I have eaten at the proper times, and eaten the proper amounts.

And about 18:30, I got up to fix supper.

And then I hit the table next to my chair, then the credenza, putting a lot of stuff on the floor and then falling on it.

My chest was cushioned when I hit the floor by an empty box... I really only hit the floor hard with my head. And my knees.

I must've been out about five minutes or so.

I don't think that I've ever fainted before in my life, and now I have twice in two days.

And I can't really attribute it to the diabetes pills... I took my BS after this incident, and it was 126, well out of the range that would do this to me.

And my BP was OK, too...132/84.

So... WTF?

I had a glass of wine last night, and a half-glass tonight, and that's not enough to faze me.

Anyway, I have a bunch of bruises from last night, and now a few more added tonight; but no broken bones, luckily.

I might have a black eye tomorrow, though...

I need to start falling on soft surfaces, heh.

Or better yet, not falling at all.

I am, physically, getting too old way too fucking fast.

We shall see what tomorrow brings. I shall forgoe the wine, although I don't believe that's a factor... but I've been wrong about everything else, heh.

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