Thursday, 28 August, 2008 20:06

Nilknarf Daily Haiku
Even in summer,
the hints of fall always there...
knowledge of winter.

Not a bad day, and it kept getting better until a little bit ago, when Lana had to leave.

Started at 02:00, though.

And so far, no fainting today... yes, I think that I broke the streak.

I think that the main problem has been that my electrolytes are way off kilter... with a lot less sweating... but I've still been drinking lots and lots of water.

So I need to change not only my eating habits, but my H2O drinking habits too.

And right now I am disappointed... in my camera, my Sony that I love. It's shooting craps.

Beautiful sunset, deserving of some pics, I thought.

But - flashing streaks on the display. Serious ones, as in nothing could be seen.

Switched to the optical viewfinder... same thing.

They increase when it's aimed at the light, go away when it's aimed at the dark.

It really looks like a loose connection, but I have no idea how to trouble-shoot it, and I really don't want to kick it, heh.

So after I got out of bed at 03:00 after laying there for an hour drifting, I did my daily stick and had breakfast. The BS seems to be doing all right without the pills, by the way... 130 was the highest in the week since I stopped taking them, with the average around 115.

Then I managed to go back to sleep about 10:30 and slept until 14:00.

I felt really good when I got up... except for various sore spots, like my head and my jaw and I had managed to bruise separate knees with both falls... and my left foot.

And both elbows... again, one each fall.

And I cleaned out the freezer... lotsa $$ gone there, but like I said, it was mostly over a year old.

I managed to snag Cat Ballou today, and Lana and I watched it this evening. What a delightful film! The truly don't make them like that any more, dammit.

And Lana had to leave after the show, dammit. I feel so sorry for people who have to work, heh.

But I managed to feed her some of my pot roast, which is more aptly called beef stew by now.

And I'm gonna turn on the TV and watch Obama now.

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