Friday, 29 August, 2008 22:53

Nilknarf Daily Haiku
in love, the birds sing;
with love, all the wrongs righted...
love is everything.

Nice day, in many ways.

To start off, I got eight straight hours of sleep.

Felt damned good when I got up, except for the bruised places... and I think that I might have a coupla cracked ribs, too.

The price you pay for being stupid, heh.

I really made the right diagnosis, but I didn't follow the instructions that the smart part of me gave me.

O'well, you get what you pay for.

I had business at the hospital today, so I stopped in to see my buddies and had a good time, plus I got to see Lana.

On the way home, I went by Taco Tico and got a coupla sanchos and went home and put some left-over salsa on them, they were great.

Then I came on home and cleaned (!) the house a little bit and realized that I had no supplies of food, so I went out and got some and came home and took a shower.

Lana came over about 17:00 with a pizza, and we ate and watched the news, then we tried to find a movie that looked good, and finally chose My Sassy Girl and we lucked out... it is a funny,romantic gilm.

Lana suggested that I should watch Across the Universe so I've got that one coming.

And, of course, I slept well last night... so I can't tonight. It's in the rules, somewhere.

"The supreme happiness in life is the conviction we are loved"...victor hugo

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