Saturday, 30 August, 2008 22:33

Nilknarf Daily Haiku
Veracity replete
Common honest truth suppressed
Follow the money.

Really nice day, for various reasons, including the weather.

Lana came over about 18:00, she had been cleaning house today and was tired... we watched Across the Universe and it was excellent... just about every Beatles song that they made, I think.

We started watching Silver Streak but she was too tired to stay for that one.

I talked to JD, and he's gonna stay in Houston... he will probably go somewhere and watch the storm come in, knowing him... but maybe he won't, after his experience with the last one....

I do hope that this doesn't flood NO, but I'm afraid that it might, from the way it looks right now they'll get a strong storm surge, which is what did them in last time.

We missed a bunch of thunderstorms yesterday, they formed right to the south of us and moved south, but that's OK, we have some nice dry air to go along with 85°F temperatures...

Not much else to say here tonight....

"The supreme happiness in life is the conviction we are loved"...victor hugo

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