There are days (like today) when I just can't stand it. I want to wrap my bitter little hands around his throat for believing in such a murderous, sadistic concept. (Er...) How he can be so fucking idiotic and such a smart person at the same time? How do we live under the same fucking roof?

I just told him that Israel was was horrible and that the US is wrong to support Israel just because his precious Jebus might come back, and then I stormed out of the room. So, of course, he's mad at me. Why the hell did I do that? What possible purpose did it serve? Politics/Religion. Duh. Of course he doesn't think about how his beliefs hurt me. That he's just fine with the thought of me being roasted, tortured, and killed by the characters in the fairy tales he thinks are true. He doesn't think about it because he doesn't talk about those beliefs. They are so ingrained that they remain at the back of his brain.

(Backstory -> He was a nominal Catholic when we married. I was a kinda/sorta deist/agnostic/searching.)

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Comment by HotMess on September 1, 2008 at 11:34pm
I think you should slip some LSD into his coffee and abduct his ass straight to LV.
Comment by AtheistJoy on September 1, 2008 at 12:52pm
Thanks for asking Lamar. I'm going to attempt to answer this concisely.

We try to avoid discussing religion, but sometimes I am so hurt by it that it just wells up and I want to explode.

I think it started with those damn Left Behind books. I actually gave him the entire set for his birthday two years ago! I mean, he was a Hunter S. Thompson fan and never went to Vegas on a drunken LSD jag. I never thought that giving him some poorly written fundie books might have some bizarre effect on him.

After he read them all, he started watching shows on the "History" channel about Jesus and Israel. Then it devolved into shows about Nostradamus. I used to ask him why he was watching such nonsense (the Nostradamus stuff), but I never questioned the religious stuff because of his family, who are very Catholic (pretty religious, he has two nuns for Aunts). I gave him breathing room, and he let me alone about mine, which became anti-religious post-9-11. (We are both from NY)

Now I'm whining. I'll stop. :(
Comment by Lamar on September 1, 2008 at 10:10am
Going from nominal Catholic—especially one of the fringe—to Christian Zionist is a huge leap. What is it that compels him to believe? Do the two of you discuss religion often or do you avoid the topic for the sake of your relationship?



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