Sunday, 31 August, 2008 18:34

Nilknarf Daily Haiku
signs and confused minds
three hundred sixty degrees...
just pick the right one.

Another pleasant day... nice wake-up, gentle sun... nice breakfast, just perfect weather early, although the heat/humidity went up later on....

I'm feeling strange, though, and I don't really know why; just a little disconnect between my mind and reality, and I have to use my intellect to decide which is which.

But... it that really right? Shouldn't I maybe be using my heart?

And yes, I know that I'm using my heart as a synonym for my emotions, I'm stupid that way.

What I really, really want to be reality isn't always.

If there were justice, of course, it would be.

Justice is only a goal... of our society, of a certain portion (rather small, I'm afraid), and pretty much figments of our imaginations.

Yet it works to motivate us into thinking, "Yeah, it could really WORK!"

And that's where the poetic justice works itself in.

Entirely haphazard, justice is served in a few cases, and they get the publicity, and then the world goes back.

So those of us who think justice is a reality can be convinced that yes, it really ***could*** be, if everyone just tried....

Yeah, naive fools, but we exist in large numbers.

And the small numbers beat us every time.

And there's no real need to think about it... just fly under the radar, you'll be OK. Or not, depends on how lucky you might be.

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