3034 AD - The Birth of The Nexus-Class Humanoids

Alarius of 6498A-32 family, was of course, born through genetic screening. Her mother, Glenerifor of New Antartica (sub-350 ft.), died giving birth to her. She carried this tragedy for the given duration of her 250 year life-span, but not before she stumbled upon the most scientifically breath-taking discovery known - the secret to Artificial Intelligence.


Previously, any attempt to reanimate the cryo-class humans resulted in rapid decay of body tissue and memories. Alarius fervently studied the heavily researched area of Artificial Intelligence for 72 years before she fell upon the idea that A.I. could only be achieved through nanotechnology at a scale and complexity greater than, or equal to, that of living organisms...


...To be Continued

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Comment by John Aultman on November 17, 2011 at 4:55pm

I like it.



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