Upon a 4-year consideration, it strikes me that, even in our so-called enlightened West, we frequently encounter an incomprehensible display of public obscurantism, which appears to be unthinkingly smiled upon.

Why is it that bible bashers get free pitches in the town centre, that beardies proclaiming ‘the truth about islam’ get a stall in the streets, whereas poor I am doomed to pay taxes for this bollocks and would probably pay a fine for tearing up the obnoxious crap which they are spreading? 

Now, I frequently step into a Jesus or Muhammad whilst walking the pavement, but surely, I don’t go on complaining that I ought be subsidised for drawing attention to them? It seems to me that, the louder you yell about the glories of your personal disease, the closer you get to being treated with deference and getting a seat in the Lords.

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