When tragedy strikes, as it did on September 11, 2001, it is only natural for us to look for higher meaning amongst such chaos. As empathetic and curious beings, we ask standard questions. Why did this happen? Who could have done this? Will there be justice? Can I help? And, most importantly for our purposes, what could motivate someone to kill themselves (and near 3,000 innocent people) in such a brazen act. Self preservation is of course, the most powerful instinct. More..

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Comment by Dre Smith on September 12, 2009 at 10:07am
People never hold GOD accountable when bad shit happens. Period. And frankly they don't want too either because it does cause one to ask questions to which are not comfortable at all. I live here in Blacksburg VA and recently too Va Tech students were killed in the woods, now mind you they never did anything to anyone and they were big time Christians. Went to church regularly, charity work, missionary work I mean the real deal, the works. And they both were brutally murdered like animals in the woods, they were not robbed or anything like that. So it seems for now there was no motive whatsoever. GOD let two of his children not just die, but die in one of the worst ways possible. What part of the divine plan is that when the shepard cannot protect his flock? So to speak. What did they do to deserve death both before the age of 23? And to die so savagely? This shit makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. There is no divine plan, there are no mysterious ways. Unfortunate shit just simply happens, sometimes it's our own fault, other times its completely random. No more no less. But people cannot take comfort in that because it is uncomfortable. They scurry over to religion like a soothing balm on a wound not realizing it's just water.

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