A brilliant tactic used by the religious right

How great is it that every time anyone decides it is not appropriate for the religious right to force their beliefs upon the public at large, specifically other peoples children, they accuse the complainers of doing the exact thing they are being asked to stop?

It's a confusing and brilliant way to argue if you ask me. It's as if you walked into a room and found a man punching a baby and the guy made eye contact, pointed at you and screamed "CHILD ABUSER!" loud enough to draw a crowd into the room, all of whom will look at the child and assume your the one who went to town on the poor kiddo.

Pretty smart tactic, of course a legitimate group of people trying to implement legitimate policies never have to sink to such underhanded treachery.

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Comment by Buffy on January 30, 2009 at 2:09am
Projection, pure and simple. They, by far the largest purveyors of persecution through religion in America, are the first to scream about "religious persecution" whenever their right to force their agenda on others is questioned or criticized.



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