A class assignment in a diversity class about hate groups. I chose Christian Identity.

Christian Identity


            The Christian Identity movement is considered complex, badly organized, and varied in what its claims are.  Its teachings are based on the concept that the Anglo-Saxons are direct descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.  They consider themselves the real “chosen people” of Judaism and Christian theistic concepts. The movement began in the mid-19th century in Great Britain called Anglo-Israelism.  This is the belief that Great Britain is the geographical location of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.  It did not begin as a hate group.  However, in the United States at the beginning of the twentieth century it was influenced by the Ku Klux Klan and American Nativism. 

            The Christian Separatist Church Society http://www.anointednation.com/ is a tentacle of this movement.  It derives its propaganda from the Greek Septuagint and they endorse the Anointed Standard Translation (AST) of the New Testament.  According to their website it is stated that they “freely admit” that they are Christian Supremacists.  They believe that the Christian faith is superior to all others.  Their philosophy is that of white National Socialism.  However, they are only in general agreement with the Aryan Nation, and not their religious doctrines.  The goal of this group is basically to show why according to their ideology that white Christians are the “chosen people”.

              They are against interracial relationships.  They advance this concept through the term mongrelization.  This is explained as the corruption of the seedline through race mixing.  They believe that there are two seedlines of Adam (creationism) and that theirs is the true seedline.  This ideology is encompassed in the Separatist Briefs section of their website which now requires that a person belong to the organization for access. It contains the works of four volumes.

            There is a large amount of briefs that deal with hate or prejudice against Jews.  It appears that much of this stems from how the Septuagint, and the AST version of the New Testament differ from that of the King James Version (KJV).  It would be difficult to compare how the texts differ because I have neither the time nor inclination to read any of them.  However, I have compared what the group states and compared them to the biblical references.  These were different usually by the replacement of the word Jew by some form of the word mongrel.  Always stating that it is the way it is written in the Septuagint or AST version and that it is the correct version.  The briefs reference the Jews as liars, Albert Einstein’s usurping his life’s work, and the usual Adolf Hitler worship. 

            The other briefs deal with the subjects of morality (their point of view), religious concepts such as a virgin birth, and the mythical world flood.  Additional links on the site are supplied for the Nationalist Free Press which gives access to past issues.

            I found that the information on this site was interesting if not bazaar.  I was not aware of the existence of the texts that this group used for their gospel.  However, I was aware that there are a multitude of religious manuscripts.  The KJV bible is just an assemblage of the particular manuscripts that were chosen to advance that ideology.  There were different sects of Christianity as well.   Combine this with a choice of a large volume of different manuscripts than many different points of view can be concocted. 

            As I looked over the different groups that use hate to advance an agenda the main ingredient was supremacy.  This seemed to be garnered through a religious interpretation.  I do not deny that people can find solace through religion and find some moral foundation.  Unfortunately, the reason to hate can also be ascertained through the same sources.  Often two points of view are offered giving an individual or group the choice of the one that serves their ideological purpose best.          

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Comment by Michael Penn on November 23, 2013 at 9:30am

Thanks, DOG. It's so very true that people writing the scriptures had no idea of others existing at that time. Try telling the Mormons that. LOL

Daniel, your observations are well taken and just go to prove that people all over the world would go to any length to establish kinship and further the great religious LIE. It's all a matter of who has the biggest dog and whether you are in that group or not. Before Arafat was murdered he was noted to have said it was a matter of "who had the biggest imaginary friend." Maybe this means Arafat was secretly one of us. Who knows?

Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on November 22, 2013 at 11:10pm

Straight away it stinks of Stupidity, especially considering the only tribes of Judaic Israelite humans were in fact Arabs, not an Anglo Saxon in sight. The only existing remnants of the tribe that the Bible called the Israelites are the Jews. Because the entire Bible was derived from the Jewish (Judaic) scriptures.   Those f^cktards have no idea of ancient history, nor a rational brain cell in their skulls.

Though the Bible is a racist document, it never considered Anglo Saxons, because to the people writing the scriptures, they never existed in that region at the time.

Comment by Michael Penn on November 22, 2013 at 10:48am

Similar beliefs were held by the late Herbert W. Armstrong who headed up the Worldwide Church of God. Most of us simply heard him on the radio, but he had quite a following believing that the "lost tribes" were now present day Anglo-Saxons. He may have been onto something here. Present day christians want to believe they are a "part" of an ongoing religious movement as it personalizes things for them. The Jews are no longer chosen by god, you are, and the "greater truth" is revealed.

Moving away from Armstrong now, this "personalization" falls right in place for others because Jesus told his followers he would return in their lifetime. It did not happen, so it must be "now" and that is why so many believe in a "rapture" or the "end times" coming in their lifetime, etc. Proof that this is all happening today can be found in a temple being rebuilt, Palestine wanting water, or by reading camel dung. (Take your pick) Such beliefs have a lot to say about racism, slavery, or any supremacist viewpoint. People want to chose god so much that they falsify their inner belief that he has indeed chosen them. That's what makes this all work.

Watching the DVD "In God We Trust" recently, I was especially taken back by several statements made by a female minister. She claimed that slavery in America was OK because the slaves were better off here than they would have been in their own country. She also said that god wanted the races to always remain separate because he put everybody on different continents. I had to believe that she was incredibly naive and dumb, and that god himself was surprised by the invention of the airplane!

Some people haven't got a clue.



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