A Dodgy-Dodgy Christian: Epic Email Exchange with Helen!

Hello Alleee

Sorry not to reply sooner. I'm glad to hear from you
because after I send my last email, I thought of a
couple of things I wanted to share.

God is not a monster. He weeps for you because you
don't understand and worse, you do not want to
understand and because you don't want Him, you
will perish ...unless, of course, you change your mind.

You make is sound like God is a monster, that He just
wants to chuck you into hell, and He makes you worship

Yes, there is bad news. There is a hell.

There is good news. God made it possible for you to be
saved from going to hell.

More good news. You don't have to love Him. You don't
even have to want to love Him. You just have to want to
know the truth.

If you will just set aside your thoughts and feelings for
a while, tell God, "I only want to know the truth, one
way or the other. If you are real (and if I am wrong),
show me." He will show you.

"For God so loved Alleee that He gave His only Son so
that Alleee should not perish but have everlasting life."

If Alleee had been the only person on earth who needed
to be saved, Jesus would have come to earth to die
for her and He would have done it WILLINGLY. Why?
Because He loves you.

If you haven't watched this video before, please watch
it and consider what these people say hell is like and
decide if you want that or not. And if you think they
had some sort of chemical reaction in the brain, then
explain how these people had similar experiences.
How did that one guy live after being in the morgue
freezer for 3 days. Here's the link ....


It is no accident that you and I talking about God.
I am here talking to you because God arranged it
and it is because He cares about you. You can
find out if He is a monster or if He is a loving God.
Even these videos show His love for you and anyone
who watches them because He wants to warn you.

This is urgent, Alleee, because Jesus is coming soon
to catched up the Christians to heaven. Then there
will be a tribulation period. If you don't change your
mind before Jesus raptures the Christians, watch for
these things: There will be coming a man who hurts
his head somehow and it will be miraculous how he
recovers. He will bring peace to Israel. He will reign
there for 7 years. The world will worship him. He will
rule the world from Jerusalem.

He will require everyone to have a number placed in
their forehead or right arm. It is thought that it will
be a "chip" the size of rice kernel that will be inserted
under the skin with a needle. On it will be information
about you such as your SSN etc. People who do not
take this number will not be able to buy or sell. It
will be a cashless money system. The Bible also says
that all who take this number will be doomed. I don't
know what the Bible means by that but it cannot be

If you have not accepted Jesus as your Savior, you
will have to live through the tribulation and it will
be a terrible time. I believe the reason we are seeing
such financial and other turmoil today is because
it is leading up to the time of tribulation and then it
will even get worse. God doesn't do this; it is Satan
and man who do this. A little email is not enough
to explain it all fully so you need to read your Bible.

Here's another set of videos about Bible prophecy.
This guy does a great job of explaining Bible
prophecy and it is easy to listen to him. Just watch
a video or two each day.


If you are really interested in finding the truth,
here's another excellent website. Here you will
discover how much forgiven you really are and
how to accept Jesus in prayer....
I recommend the radio programs especially. I
also recommend the book called "Classic
Christianity" by Bob George. It is excellent!

Above all, keep an open mind. Don't assume
immediately, when you see something bad, that
God is a monster. Try to see why things are the
way they are and if you don't understand, go to
God and ask Him. Remember also that there
are some things we will never know the answers
to until we get to heaven.

love and hugs

My answer to this later. I asked her: "Helen: Did God make the rule that people who don't love Him go to hell?"

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Comment by Rev Hellbound Alleee on April 29, 2009 at 1:15pm
Never mind. She replied:
"Hi Alleee You do not have to love God, to accept
Jesus Christ as God and the Lord, and
to ask Him to come and live in you. You
just need to accept Him and then if you
don't love God, He will shed His love
abroad in your heart, not just love for
God but love for others as well.

God has a way of commanding us to do
something that He knows full well we
cannot do. But as Jesus said, "Without
Me, you can do nothing." He was talking
about matters of the heart. The reason
God 'commands' some of these things is
to show us our need for Him to do them
in and through us. Be sure to listen to
some of the radio programs on

Nothing you do, like love God, for example
is going to keep you out of hell. It is what
Jesus did and now does that keeps you out
of hell. You just have agree you want that.
As a matter of fact, it is not possible for you
to create a love for God.

You just need to be sincerely wanting to
be saved and He will do it. He will do
EVERYTHING! He will give you love for
God and others, He will change your mind
one little step at a time.

I hope you read ALL (every word) of my emails
as I go to considerable trouble to write them
and finding the links I put in them. Thank
you, I appreciate it. I don't want you to read
them just for my sake of course. More than
that, I want you to read them (carefully) for
YOUR sake.

love and hugs

I answered:


Did God make the rule that people who don't love Him go to Hell?



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