A few thoughts about the delusion of Adherents.

It is hard to explain the process that one takes to reject the facts of the world in favor for approval of the people that surround you. It is easy to accept approval when you can simply state facts from a story that you and another person feels is the “greatest story every told,” Which undoubtedly it isn't. I find the comparison to myself and my fellow “fans” at the time as being little different than going to a comic book convention to discuss which of the “X-men” is the best and why. There is simply a devotion that isn't based upon reality.


Right now, I could travel to any church in America and present myself as a visitor from out of town and be welcomed and met new friends and even go out for lunch and maybe start up a new social group. It would only take a few weeks. For single men and woman it is a great place to meet potential mates and find a support for your family if your are a part of a young couple with a few children. Where else could someone regardless of their beliefs be assured that anywhere they go in the country they will find caring compassionate people that are willing to help them just because a a common belief in a similar story?


The religious infrastructure is the most pervasive and most common aspect to American life. This cannot be denied. The only thing close may be the Postal system. But we know that is weakening due to the strong influence of the internet. But as long as religious organization by default have the right to organize as they please and still enjoy tax benefits for their buildings, lands, employees and evangelical activities, religion will continue to enjoy a favored status without having to prove anything other than they believe some made up story.


This favored status grants me the right to go from town to town and church to church to find a new and for most part community orientated social group. AS I have been to hundreds of church throughout the country from Willow Creek in Barrington, IL to some small church with about 20 members in eastern Texas. From Colorado to North Carolina to Massachusetts to New Mexico and in Panama as well. I have seen the actions of adherents in almost every conceivable Christian sect known. Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Catholic, Lutheran, Evangelical Free, Baptists of all sorts, non-denominational inter-denominational, Methodists, Church of Christ, Assembly of God, the list goes on and on.

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