A Guest Blog Post for Homeschoolers That You Might Enjoy!

I guest posted on a blog called Mumtopia. This is a small excerpt from that writing; if you are interested, follow the link to the post!

"As parents, we realize that the parents around us are doing their best. They are making choices that, while they may not be my choice, is their informed and examined choice. It is their choice based on a variety of reasons that I might not understand or agree with. Parents all around us are making decisions and living by paradigms that disagree with our own conception of “optimal parenting”.

As a society, truly, it’s time we parents supported each other. Many societal influences are out there trying, unrelentingly, to divorce our kids from their self-esteem, and to reduce the strength of the familial bond. If you have chosen to take your children to the center of Africa so that they can learn from that, if your children are in the circus, if your family spend its time and energy in supporting the local community theater, I SUPPORT YOU. I support your choices! And, at some level, I think, COOL, that’s a neat lifestyle choice!"


Peace, Karen Loethen

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Comment by jay H on June 3, 2012 at 7:46am

Good commentary.

The freethinker/atheist crowd is pretty open minded in most areas, but so many of them (except for the libertarian wing) seem obsessed with turning children over to the state for education. Throughout our evolutionary history, the parents have been the primary teachers of children, with the community secondary. This wholesale pressure to standardize kids is a relatively new development.

Comment by Karen Loethen on June 2, 2012 at 2:36pm



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