A history of Life and the Universe Part 1: Before the Before

Its a question that people have grappled with for millennia: Where did the universe come from? People came up with creation myths to answer it but didn’t have any concrete answers and its still the same today. While we have strong and well supported theories to explain things all the way back to 10-34 seconds after the big bang but from before moment zero to then is still a mystery.
So the question still remains but that doesn’t mean there are not possible answers.

But wait, scientists say that the universe, time, space and everything began at the big bang.
Well yes and no. When scientists say that time began at the big bang they don’t mean it literally. We have no information from before the big bang. All observable matter/energy, space and time as far as we can tell all originated in the big bang, we have no information about anything before it. This doesn’t mean there was not a “before” to the big bang, it means all information in the observable universe started there.

What was before the big bang? While we have no way of coming up with a solid evidence backed answers we can give possible answers and I will. Before I do, you need to remember: what I am about to say is purely conjecture. It has no backing in science and is (as of yet) completely unfalsifiable. Do not take these as any more than ideas and conjecture.


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Comment by Lone Wolf on August 20, 2010 at 12:06am
Time may or have began at the big bang. Our knowledge of what could have been before the big bang and even the very early stages of the big bang is lacking so anything we have to say about it is purely conjecture

You make a good point about the quantum level and the arrow of time. It could be that the natural state of the universe is much more akin to the quantum level than that universe as we know it.
Comment by Mulhid M on August 17, 2010 at 2:14am
I do not think there is a "time" outside the timeline of the universe. Time is supposed to have come into existence at the very beginning of the big bang and there may not be anything as "before."

Also, at the quantum level (and at the very beginning reality was very quantum) the arrow of time needs not be one-way. We see a one-way flow of time at the macro level. It is sort of like the collapse of the wave function at the macro level where all possible alternatives converge to one reality in macro. So the cause-effect logic may not be relevant at the beyond the big bang. There may not be an initial cause of the big bang as the it is only after the big bang AND AT THE MACRO level that we events seem to have cause and effect relationships.



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