I just watched the interview with General Peter Chiarelli with Candy Crowley on CNN. I hit the ceiling to hear such balderdash. How the heck can the general say it with a straight face on national TV? To the problem of one in ten GIs coming home with missing limbs, or one in four with serious mental post-traumatic stress disorders and an “epidemic suicide rate,” the general conjectured “we need to study the brain!” What do you expect from ten years of atrocity, General? From a full decade of insanity? Mental disease is to be expected.  When you eat poison you get sick.  There's nothing abnormal about it.  Would you call for "studying the stomach" after eating a carton of rat poison?  Remove the cause of the sickness. Don’t “study the brain.”

The problem is these unfortunate young men volunteered to join an army fighting primitive people on the other side of the world. They simply don’t belong in Iraq and Afghanistan; they’re invaders.

I bet a lot of the returning vets are asking themselves “how could I have been so gullible?” They were sucked in by the idealism of youth and now they have to bare unforgetable trauma the rest of their lives. Where’s the idealism and patriotism of the super-conglomerates when they farm out jobs overseas while this country is languishing in severe unemployment? Where’s the patriotism of congressmen and women when it comes to their sons and daughters joining up? Where’s the patriotism of Halliburton when it comes to gouging tax dollars out of the U.S. Treasury?

The answer General is not in “studying the brain.” Become a peace activist in the fashion of General Smedley Butler, the most decorated soldier in American history. Expose the war racketeers for what they are: hypocrites, deluded fools and people who would sacrifice the lives of the innocent so they can live in luxury. Listen to General Eisenhower’s Farewell Address when he warned the country about perpetual war.

It’s been a hundred years since General Butler wrote “It’s A Racket” and war profiteers are still getting away with the same scam.

It’s still not too late to turn your life of violence around, General. Give Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War” a good listening and when you get into your gas-guzzling SUV or Hummer, ask yourself if it’s worth it. It’s been ten years of agony of this stupid war. When are you going to admit that George W. Bush wasn’t qualified to lead this country and didn’t know what he was doing? Ten years, ten years! I can still hear the voice of that infamous ‘60s hippie, Abby Hoffman, railing against the decade-long Vietnamese War: “Gnuck, gnuck! Enough already.” And that was forty years ago. Same play, different title.

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Comment by Rich Goss on July 20, 2011 at 8:30pm
Thanks, George.  More people should be aware of how powerful military think.  "We have to study the brain," as if throwing money at the problem could remedy the insanity of it. 
Comment by George on July 20, 2011 at 3:45pm
I've located the transcript for the interview with General Peter Chiarelli -
STATE OF THE UNION WITH CANDY CROWLEY - Interview with Jay Nixon; I...
Comment by Rich Goss on June 2, 2011 at 4:15pm
Thanks for the comment Clarence. I guess I get a vitriolic sometimes and it turns a lot of people off. But the stupid war is heartbreaking, completely unwinnable with an endless supply of martyrs willing to die for Allah. Pakistan is has a population of 80 million, more than half of them are Taliban, “madrassah students” in Pashtu.

I feel so sorry for the kids and all the general could come up with is “we have to spend more money studying the brain.” It’s as if we’re not even of the same species or from different planets that we perceive the world so differently.
Comment by Clarence Dember on May 30, 2011 at 1:38am
Thank you for mentioning General S. Butler's book "It's a racket". In this
country, we need to read more fact based books and watch less corporate
network (propaganda) news.



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