My home is part of a homeowner's association of over 150 homes. The Board of Directors decided to use annual dues money to pay for Xmas decorations for 8 of those homes because they were on the canal, it would look nice, etc. I (and several other homeowners) objected simply because we did not want our dues money being used to subsidize a small fraction of the homes Xmas decorations, any more than we expected the Board to pay for our gardeners or other usual, ordinary, and/or voluntary home maintenance or improvement. My objection took the form of a two page letter to the Board. My next door neighbor, who feels exactly as I do, is a Board member. When one member of the Board, whose home was one of the 8 homes, and who favored the expenditure, read my letter, his comment (related to me by my neighbor) was that "I must not be a Christian".

Mother fucker,---------just because I object to having my dues money---which none of us pay voluntarily---used to subsidize 5% of the homeowners Xmas decorations (an expenditure of several thousand dollars whose 'value' only exists for approximately 4 weeks), "I must not be a Christian"..........
What can I say---------!  I guess if that same neighbor chose to park his car on my front lawn, I could say "I guess he must not be an atheist".  Que se


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