I've been thinking about the fact that we have two halves to our brains. According to what I've heard, one side of our brain controls our speaking, while the other side is voiceless. I've always suspected that intuition comes from the voiceless side. I think that the voiceless side is always watching everything closely, observing everything that is going on around us, and analyzing it all. It's very good at it. The side with speech will also do some analyzing, but it easily gets distracted with yammering and blathering, gossiping, and just generally running off at the mouth. It tends to be very self-absorbed. Since it speaks, it tends to make decisions and the voiceless side tends to just go along with it as long as the speaking side seems to be getting along well. But once in a while the voiceless side makes observations of events that the side with speech just lets whiz right past it. That's when intuition kicks in and starts poking and prodding. Unable to express itself, it kind of acts like a barkless dog, pacing, scratching at doors, running around in circles, and doing whatever it can to get the attention of the speaking side. It can also give general impressions of dislike or approval, alarm when it senses danger, and give general sensations like contentment, sorrow or unhappiness.
I wonder if the presence of our voiceless side doesn't contribute to the personal sensation of having a watcher present in our lives. Many people are convinced that god is watching them, maybe it's just our own personal voiceless watcher that is there? When people pray, they often say that they sense being listened to, and even report a kind of conversational sense, where the listener judges and approves or disapproves and even seems to advise or contribute in a voiceless fashion.
Wouldn't it be funny if, in reality, we really are our own private god?

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